Stick with duct tape

The part for the car hasn’t come in yet.  We were told that it might take two weeks because it’s on back-order.  The mechanic decided to do a repair on the pipe.  He was surprised that the duct tape had stayed on.  Anyhow, the day after the repair, the car started acting up again.  In fact, it got worse.  The repair made the pipe worse and it tore it up even more.  The car kept overheating.[ad#ad-1]

In addition to frequent topping up of water, my husband had to finally resort to cutting the pipe and taking out the bit of metal that was used in the repair.  We went back to duct tape.  We still have to frequently stop and top up with water, but there are no further tears to the pipe.  We need to last out this week at least.  Luckily, the kids have half-term next week and we are expecting the part to show up by them.  I certainly hope so, because our older daughter has a gymnastics competition in a town much further away at the end of the month.

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3 Comments on “Stick with duct tape

  • I stick by my original duct tape comment 😉

    Oh and I can get Tylenol here on the base. I don’t even know if I have been in a British pharmacy yet…

  • Can I suggest something.
    Having worked for myself for twenty years and after ordering many spare parts the words “Back-order” and “two weeks” implys that the part has yet to made and if this is the case with a vast majority of car plants shut down thier suppliers will be also.
    It won’t be your mechanics fault as that is what his supplier would have told him.
    I hope I am wrong.
    Anyway have you tried getting the part from a scrap yard.
    There must be one in your nearest large town. All the ones I have dealt with have been helpfull and cheap.
    Its got to be better than tape.

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