The Wind in the Downs

Much has been discussed regarding English weather.  The typical non-British person assumes that we get lots of rain and fog.  I won’t disagree with that, but I will say that after having lived in areas in the US that get lots of rain, I don’t find the amount of rain here as excessive.  But I find the howling wind is unusual.  I understand that this is a common feature around England, especially in areas near the coast.  This being an island, there must be many areas affected.

I never lived in the windy city, but we did visit a few times.  We never experienced the infamous winds, so I cannot compare it to here.  The last few days of extremely windy weather has forced me to comment on this.  During the winter months, when darkness came early, and you can see the full moon through the branches of the bare trees, the howling wind added to the eeriness and I swore it was the perfect setting for a gothic novel.  The broken doors on the worn down little sheds in the back that kept banging at intervals and our creaking gate getting blown shut added to that effect.  And, if you were lucky, you might get the blood-curdling screams of the fox’s mating call.

I remember one particular night camping out in the early autumn when we were afraid the tent was going to get blown away.  The next day we went up to Devil’s Dyke and couldn’t open the car door long enough to get out.  On a cold day, the wind really bites.  But, even as the weather was improving this spring, the wind kept a chill in the air.  The last few days have made me forget that summer really is just around the corner.  One mother commented this weekend that she had cleaned her winter coat, ready to be packed away, yet she is still wearing it.

Because of excessive draught, we covered most of our windows and the side door with a thick plastic sheet.  We have still not removed them.  Yesterday, as I passed by the door, I felt a wind blowing on me.  The sheet is bursting with the draught, but I still felt the wind.  Of course, it is good for hanging up the wash (unless it rains as well).

I normally don’t mind the wind much unless it really bites or makes it hard for me to see (because I have to squint to protect my eyes, or my hair is blowing around my face).  But when I have a headache, the wind makes my neck and shoulders stiffen, exacerbating the pain.  I’ve been having to do a lot of stretching out to loosen all these joints.  (Is it because I’m getting old or is it the way I sleep?)  Anyhow, I think it may be time for that paracetamol.

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