Screenless double-glazed windows

As the weather gets warmer, we need to prepare for the invasion of the those pesky flying insects again.  Now, in the US, we usually get flies, then later in the summer we get the mosquitoes.  Here, since the weather gets warmer earlier and stays warmer later in the year, we have a longer period of flies, mosquitoes, midges, moths and other flying insects which I have yet to identify.  I have already talked about the “killer gnats”, so I really don’t want to get on the topic of insects again.[ad#ad-1]

What I would like to mention is the lack of screens on windows and doors.  Screens seem to be the mainstay of windows in the US and most houses also have screen doors on the outside.  This is to keep out the flying insects
when you want to open the windows or doors for fresh air.  This, of course, does not prevent insects from getting through when you go in and out of the doors.  But it does cut down on a lot of entry at other times.  I have yet to see a screen here.  And they can’t say it’s because they don’t have flying insects.  I don’t know what the reasoning is behind the lack of screens.

One of the features of windows that I see advertised quite frequently is double-glazing.  Essentially, it is two layers of glass, which is supposed to cut down on draughts and hold in heat.  We are not fortunate enough to have double-glazing on our windows, which may in part explain the temperature of the house during the winter months.  But, I cannot comment on how it affects the temperature during the summer months.  We had covered the windows with a semi-transparent plastic drop sheet for the winter (and have not removed them yet) and when the sun comes through, it really heats up the room.  I can just imagine what double-glazing would do.

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2 Comments on “Screenless double-glazed windows

  • I don’t know why all houses donrt’ have fly-screens fitted as standard on new windows. I don’t think I could live without them here. We put up old netted curtains in the towen house – Just as good. We don’t have double glazing, but manage quite well without it both in extreme heat and cold in the summer and winter repsectively.

  • Ooo, this is a pet peeve of mine as well. I just can’t understand it. We bought sheers for our bedroom windows upstairs, but our conservatory turns into an oven in the Spring/Summer. And of course, no screens on the windows or doors. We ordered a door screen from Eddie Baurer (sp?) for our last place, but it’s too small for this place. And we’ll be moving again in a couple months, so not really worth investing in another screen. Grin and bear it, or Keep Calm, Carry On 😉

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