I’ve been here for a year now, so I should know better, right?  Of course not.  I don’t use the mail very often.  There has never been the need.  Also, when I do mail anything, it’s usually not of the “return” variety.[ad#ad-1]

So, when I returned the CRB forms back to my prospective employers, I did not expect that it was already postage paid.  You see, in the US, these return envelopes usually have a note at the top corner where stamps are placed, stating that postage has been paid.  Easy to understand.  How was I to know that “Freepost” meant that postage has already been paid?  Not only that, it was placed right in the middle of the address label.  How was I to know that it was not part of an address?  I wasted two days, or one mailing day.  And with the postal strikes affecting delivery down here, it could mean even more days than that.

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  • As it was in the middle of the address label, I thought it was part of the address. As with our previous address, it was a name of a building and no number, so I thought Freepost was a name of some building.

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