The job interview – yikes!

I have two job interviews this week and I’m a little anxious about them.  It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been on a job interview, so I’m a little out of practice.[ad#ad-1]

Having been on interviews on both sides of the Atlantic, my husband has concluded that the interview process is much more serious and gruelling in the UK.  He recalls being shortlisted for a job and was put up at a 5-star hotel for two days during the interview.  The weekend comprised a series of panel interviews and tests. Not a story to reassure anyone.

I do know that at the end of the second interview, I would receive an answer at the end of the day or the next day.  Seeing that it’s a Friday, I may have an answer by the end of the day.  However, my job preference is for the one on Thursday and at this point, I don’t know when they would inform candidates of their success/failure.  All I know is that I will meet a panel of three interviewers.

My other dilemma is that I still have not heard from the many other positions I applied for, and since some of them have not closed on their applications, I may not hear from them for a while.  Yet, some of them are for positions I prefer over the one on Friday.  Therefore, if I do not get the Thursday position, how do I approach the Friday one?  I wouldn’t want to lose out on the chance of a job, but I also don’t want to rush on an acceptance if there’s a chance at my getting a better one.

The only certainty right now is that we will have to move.  And the girls start back to school in a few days.

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  • I hope both of your interviews go well! (I don’t think I’ve been to a job interview in nearly a decade — and I’ll need to soon. Double yikes!)

    We had a similar dilemma when moving here: My husband was offered and had to decide about the job in North Carolina before he heard about a job he was short-listed for in Virginia, which he may have chosen over the job in NC if given the choice. We decided not take the chance of no job so he accepted the NC position and we made plans to move here. The rejection letter from VA arrived before we made the move. At least we know we made the right choice.

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