Food labelling in Europe


One thing I’ve noticed in Britain is that, because it is part of the European Union, many products come from various parts of Europe. Usually the various languages on the packaging will give you a clue as to their origins. Different countries will have different rules regarding what is required on food labelling.

In the US, we did get products from countries around the world, but they were all packaged for the American market. Some items will have French and Spanish on them, but most do not. One of the requirements for food labelling is that the ingredients are listed, as well as a table for the nutritional content.

Here, despite the emphasis on health, some items are missing either a list of ingredients or the nutritional labelling. If I want to compare two different brands on their salt and fat content, sometimes I’m not able to. Makes me wonder why there is not a universal standard in the European Union for food labelling. It seems they have universal standards on all the “green” issues, but not on health.

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