Cost of living in Britain


The first thing I noticed over here is that the cost of living is relatively high when compared to the States.  Of course, this is taking into account the exchange rate.  It seems that most things you buy are equivalent in numeric value to those in the US, but with the exchange rate, it means it actually is at least one-and-a-half times more expensive.  Occasionally, you may find a bargain on an item that is quite exotic in the States but not here.  I wonder if that means that raw ingredients in an item are more costly over here.

Since moving here, England has gone into a recession.  The US had been drifting into it for a very long time.  I wonder what will happen once Obama has taken over.  Will we have to go back to the US because the cost of living is too high over here?

When we first moved here, the rate was very favorable to England, but now it is more favorable to the States.  So, in essence, the cost of living has improved somewhat.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, the rate is in constant flux.  If the rate continues in favor of the US, we will be unable to go back to the States in comfort.  It’s a sticky situation.

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