I have been unable to blog as conscientiously as I was for a while.  The political scene has been quite absorbing, even though, confusing at times.  In addition, we have been trying to reduce our amount of driving, so we have been hanging around near the town where our kids go to school.  Hence, the decrease in time spent in front of the computer.

In some ways, it is good.  It means we are spending more time outdoors and getting some exercise.  Yesterday, we followed a footpath in Lindfield which led into the commons.  On our return, we took a different route in the footpath and surprisingly, found ourselves in the middle of a nature reserve – right in the middle of Haywards Heath. The woods shut out all the city noises and you could hear birds singing in the trees.  Very relaxing. 

The disappointment came when we reached the end and found ourselves facing what we would have called in the US, “the projects”.  These were obviously old council homes, many of which have been abandoned and boarded up.  We had never seen this area, though we had travelled on the roads near it.  That’s because it is well-hidden behind all the newer and nicer neighbourhoods.  It’s unbelievable to look from one side of the road to the other and see the differences.  Such a shame as well.  Council homes do not need to be allowed to run down.

The footpath showed us so much diversity that we’re hoping to explore more as the weather improves.  Even if it means squeezing between the narrow paths with brambles and stinging nettles on all sides.


It seems I’ve done more walking in the past two months in England than I did all of last year in the US. At this rate, there is no way I could possibly get fat. Not that I want to. But I find it amazing that they are complaining about the rise in obesity in England. How could anyone get fat?

There may be different reasons for obesity. But if one does not have a medical condition that predisposes one to it, there should be no excuses for being fat. With the lack of good parking spaces and the abundance of public transport, walking is a way of life over here. My mother-in-law walks everywhere, and if she needs to go further, she will ride her bike.

I will admit that for the first time in my adult life, I actually have time to walk for “pleasure”. That is, I am not doing it as part of a routine for school or work or other necessary part of daily living. I have taken a few pleasure walks in the past, but they were few and far between. Sometimes, they were part of an “exercise” routine to stay fit. But now, we are finding places to explore. It is an easy, inexpensive form of exercise and it allows you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. I need to take advantage of the opportunities while they last.

Of course, walking can be a chore at times. Like, when I was climbing the uphill streets of Brighton today on our way to and fro the JobCentre Plus. It was quite steep and I was moving at a snail’s pace, huffing and puffing. These hilly walks are exhausting but I can feel my muscles getting tighter in the legs. It’s the best cure for cellulite. Walking can also be a pain when your kids get tired after a few steps and start crying, “I want a carry.”

Going back to the old country and getting back to basics. At least it’s a healthier lifestyle. Barring any medical problems, I should never get fat.