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3 Comments on “The death knell of “England”

  • As a Brit moving over to texas to get married I am sure you have already faced many of the hassles I have coming my way, not the least of which is culture shock…. I am a typical down to earth englishman, which means I am goign to be way out of my depth in Austin!

    The entire British/English situation is very complecated, and is based on no logic. The United Kingdom itself does seem to have been reduced to a mini EU, leaving nothing of importance other than a currency!

    This is a shame, because I like the United kingdom itself, Scotland is beautiful, Ireland is Fun, Wales is… Well… Unique. I love it all, including my home country of England. the rst seems to be politics, and with the imbeciles in charge which we currently have, there is not a correct decision to be seen in sight over the last century.

    Gone are the days of the power of Britain, the outlook to economic expansion, the growth of the country. Instead we have teh conservatives and labour squabbling over votes to see which group of private schooled friends gets to be in charge. The Lib Dems, who like to think they have a chance. The Greenparty, who in co-operation with their groups overseas have reduced world farm food production by 20% in the name of bio fuel have created revolts in 13 countries, increased the price of food (not helping the recession)and severely pissed off all of london with the congestion charge. And the Others party, which I would be interested in, except it seems impossible to find out what Others comprises of.

    The beautiful thing is that none of these parties can agree on what Britain, does, let alone SHOULD, comprise of. Yet they all seem to think themselves knowledgable on the EU (Which we have been royally shafted on (Thanks Mr Blair, we now support French Agriculture)

    Sometimes I feel glad to be going to America, although I much prefer australian politics, where the political parties are clearly divided on any subject, including but not limited to, the best brand of beer, Whether boy bands are completely made up of gays, Brand of Cigarettes, and opinion on Jonny Cash.

    Anyway, Rant over!

  • Welcome, Oli,

    It’s OK to rant. We’re all here to share our culture shock experiences. Still watching the political scene – not much has changed recently.

  • Who cares about Gymnastics in England? As long as there is an England football team, how many Englishmen actually care? England itself isn’t going anywhere, and Gymnastics is something women and funny foreigners do, isn’t it? LOL

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