The BT monopoly


Monopolies supposedly do not exist, however, we have found that BT still have quite a monopoly in Britain.  They may teach their employees to spread the word that they have the best service and prices, but since they own and control much of the phone network, would this not be against fair trade policies?  It seems you cannot even get started with phone or internet services unless you talk to BT first.  And because everyone has to, they are consistently and perpetually backed up.  How long must one wait to get a phone line in just because of some stupid rules they created for themselves?  We could not even get someone to come and set up a connection until we could tell them who provided the last service on the line or provide them with the previous number.  Having just moved in, how were we to be able to provide that information?  After three phone calls and three weeks, an order was finally placed, but it will be another three weeks before it can even be installed.  That’s just the phone line.  How long will it take before broadband can be added?

Deregulation has not improved much in the BT monopoly.  Something must be done to make it easier for people to get phone and internet without having to pay through the roof for what could potentially be lousy service.

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