The British weather


I had always imagined that it rained a lot in Britain. And it does. Otherwise, it would not be so green over here. However, it does not rain as much as Americans would like, so often, to portray. In fact, I have been surprised at the relatively mild weather here. I was pretty sure that spring had come in January. We had had some brilliant days of frost, and a light dusting of snow once, but overall, the winter had not been very bad. That is, until this week.

We were hit with heavy snow, the worst Britain has had in many years. However, it is nowhere near the amount of snow we had experienced in the US. Yet, because of its unexpectedness, the British were unprepared. This meant that streets were not properly plowed or gritted. Although my husband almost made it to the school, bad road conditions for other drivers forced him back. He was also concerned that we might not make it back in the afternoon to pick up the kids. Everyone on the radio urged people to stay at home. Unfortunately, our children’s school was one of few schools open. But, they took the cautious route today and closed the school, even though the sun came out during the day and melted most of the snow. We are expecting more snow at the end of the week but they predict that it will not be as bad.

The kids have made the most of their time at home by building snowmen and snowballs. I was almost afraid they would go through this winter without any snow-time fun.

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