Question on ID cards

On a more serious note, I have some questions about the ID cards that I hoped someone might be able to answer.  It was recently reported that the ID card program was launched in Manchester.  Furthermore, all foreign nationals (non-EU) were supposed to have ID cards starting last November.[ad#ad-1]

I looked into this issue and the government pages addressed those who are currently applying for visas to stay as a student or a spouse.  It mentioned that anyone applying would automatically have to apply for the ID card.  In addition, anyone who applies for an extension of their leave would get one.  It did not address those who already had extended leave.  I have a settlement visa, not a temporary one, but a permanent one.  I won’t be applying for an extension, so what do I do?  You would have thought they would have tracked people like me down to let them know how, where and when to get an ID card.  Do I have to?

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  • The roll-out is fairly slow for those of us here already. They still say by 2014/5 only 90% of foreign nationals will have them, and that the bulk won’t start to have them until 2012. (And that’s assuming it all goes ahead, which might not be the case given the current polling figures and Labour’s collapse.) I suspect it is indeed those of us here already and on long-term visas or indefinite leave to remain will be last by far.

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