Free Friday Ads come in handy

I was having a migraine while we were shopping at Sainsbury’s one day.  Even though I was feeling sick, my mind was still alert enough to register “Free”.  That’s how I ended up with my first copy of the Friday Ads.  It has been a handy source for finding out what’s going on as well as what’s selling.

We knew we had to be resourceful in order to save money and we knew we had to forego a lot of luxuries.  Shopping with the Friday Ads has helped us to manage our budget.  We’ve seen free items that we wanted in the ads, but the lack of a van or truck to collect these items has prevented us from taking full advantage of this resource. 

Yet, we’ve been able to find some great deals.  The girls each have beds that would have cost us 3-4 times more at the charity shop.  We also got a good refrigerator/freezer.  Still awaiting more appliances.  But the best deal so far has to be the car.  It’s hard enough to find an automatic car and even harder to find a good one that won’t cost too much.  Ours cost us the price of two weeks on a rental.  It’s several years older than my last car in the US, but it only has half the miles.  Great deal in my book.  It’s a good thing that we don’t mind using second-hand goods and none of us are overly concerned about a car’s make and model as long as it runs well.

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