Call for larger packaging to reduce waste

As I’ve said before, the EU is big on “green”.  Most political parties have some “green” agenda.  One of the big issues in this regard is the excess packaging on foods.  We have noticed this excessive packaging both here and in the US.  But the US does not make such a big stink about it.  Perhaps, now, with all the “global warming” and “climate change” talks, the US might follow suit.  Retailers are being fined for excessive packaging and most have reduced their packaging significantly.  However, the government is not fully satisfied.[ad#ad-1]

One way I’d like to suggest to reduce packaging is by making larger packages.  Many might think this is clearly greedy American thinking and would increase waste.  But that is not so.  For example, I remember going to Sam’s or even Wal-Mart and buying the large 10-lb. bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  It lasted us a while.  We weren’t constantly having to do a “big” shopping every week.  Here, the best you can do is a 2-kg bag of chicken quarters with skin and bones.  Now, I don’t mind skin and bones; I think it adds more flavour.  But, the problem is that you have less meat to work with, so you run out very quickly when you’re making dinners.  There is clearly less packaging in that one 10-lb. bag than in 2-3 2-kg. bags.  I don’t know how the Brits see this, especially because they do have smaller freezers.  But it should be an option for many of us.

Yes, I miss buying in bulk.  I’ve seen that many expatriates have discovered Costco.  But there are few of these around and without jobs, you can’t even be a member.  I miss being able to buy frozen foods for more than just one meal at a time.

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2 Comments on “Call for larger packaging to reduce waste

  • Hi,
    I think we are all a least a bit ‘green ‘ at heart but I also get the feeling that we are taken advantage of because of this. The last time I bought some coffee from one of the large supermarket chains it was cheaper per gram to buy smaller jars than a big one. How come?.
    Surely a way to help the environment is to turn off the street lighting in the towns and cities at say midnight it must cost millions just to help the odd drunk get home.

  • I think the thing is that the British have a view of frozen food as being a bit downmarket. When I first came here many people seemed to have a large chest style freezer, often in a garage. Now, they all seem to have gone to be replaced with a smaller appliance in the kitchen and the emphasis is on fresh food much more. Especially given the huge number of people that order on-line and get groceries delivered.

    Thinking about the supermarkets you only have to look at the amount of space they give to frozen food. Farm foods & Iceland = lots, Waitrose = much, much less.

    I do think that when we are trying to be green the stores often see this as a chance to upsell.

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